Wood Fuel Supply

Woodchip production

In recent years there has been a great increase in the use of wood as a fuel source, as part of our Forestry based family business we have introduced a woodchip processing and storage facility.

Woodchip is a sustainable, low carbon source of energy that is produced from managed woodlands where felled trees are replanted. Our wood fuel is in the main small roundwood sourced locally, the majority of which comes from our own UKWAS certified woodlands.

The cut timber is naturally air seasoned for a year then undergoes a batch chipping operation with the use of a large wood fuel chipper, the woodchip produced is fed directly into our large storage shed during this process. Regular checks on moisture content are then taken which provide us with chips of between 20- 30% moisture content in a G30 spec. size range.

Woodchip is then loaded onto various types of vehicles for transportation to local customers.
For more information on availability and prices please feel free to contact us.